Design Services and Special Structures Lab Engineering Services

All of these pages relate to the services provided by Special Strucures Lab Ltd who provide cerified and insured engineering services to the events, movie and construction industies. See

Innovative design using advanced materials offers many opportunities to enhance the end value of a project. The incorporation of architectural features can result in an overall total design that is greater than the parts. While Rudi Enos Design, which started in 1978, provide many design services to clients which do not nessesarlily require engineering analysis, Special Structures Lab provide the high end engineering services which are the back bone of any project. SSL was set up in 1998 to provide services that most engineering practices have no experience of. Often innovative structures require a knowledge of manufacturing process's, materials technology and transport issues. This means that the concepts of rapid deployment, reduced component count, experience of use and abuse and modularity all have a place in a successful temporary structure design.  See or see  

The practise has worked around the world over the last 35 years, working with a client list that includes the cream of international engineers, the very top architects, and the best artists, stage crew, riggers, lighting designers and promoters that the event and construction business's have to offer. These collaborations have resulted in the projects shown on this website.  We wish to thank all of those people and companies who made the projects a pleasure to work on.

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  • Rudi_Enos_Design_Cone2- Cable Force - LC 0A.jpg
  • Rudi_Enos_Design_Cone2- Cable Force - LC 1A.jpg
  • Rudi_Enos_Design_Cone2- Fill Stress - LC 1A.jpg
  • Rudi_Enos_Design_Cone2- Fill Stress - LC 3A.jpg
  • Rudi_Enos_Design_Cone2- Fill Stress - LC 4A.jpg
  • Rudi_Enos_Design_Cone2- Warp Stress - LC 1A.jpg
  • Rudi_Enos_Design_Cone2- Warp Stress - LC 3A.jpg
  • Rudi_Enos_Design_Cone2- Warp Stress - LC 4A.jpg
  • Rudi_Enos_Design_Cone2- Wind Coef - LC 3A.jpg
  • Rudi_Enos_Design_Cone2- Wind Coef - LC 4A.jpg
  • Rudi_Enos_Design_Cone2_Fill Stress - LC 2A.jpg