Special Structures Lab - Engineering Services

Special Structures Lab are consultants who provide structural engineering services for the design and implementation of innovative structures. The SSL service is a collaboration between Rudi Enos Design and Alan White Design, see www.specialstructures.com or visit www.alanwhitedesign.com.

The company has expertise in all areas of structural engineering with emphasis on lightweight, temporary and portable works. The company has specialist skills in the field of portable and membrane structures and in the design and deployment of innovative specialist access systems. To see in depth the design process for structural membranes see the tab in this section, The Design Process.

Our design team utilises state of the art equipment to provide the following services:

  • Portable Structures for the event industry. These include Event Venues, Demountable Seating, Exhibition Trailers and Exhibition Set Design.
  • Specialist advice to the construction industry. This includes Fabric Structure design, Air Structures, Cable Net structures, Grid Shells, and all types of temporary works, in particular innovative access systems.
  • Finite element analysis of fabric membranes, to calculate wind and snow loading.
  • Structural analysis on all forms of unusual and in particular, mobile constructions.
  • 3 Dimensional computer aided design.
  • Presentation quality graphics for that extra edge in obtaining work.
  • Conceptual Modelling of projects of all kinds including rendered visuals, 2D + 3D CAD drawings and animated fly-through's on CD or TravanĀ© tape.
  • Cost analysis and manufacturing information.
  • Expert witness.
  • Loss adjustment on insurance matters.
  • Advice on occupancy levels, exit and entry requirements, licensing and crowd control.
  • Feasibility studies. Advice on new legislation, law, and liabilities as they relate to the outdoor show business.